Why Did Jesus Have To Die?

Do you often wonder why God couldn’t just forgive our sins instead of having Jesus face a horrendous death? Your doubt is valid and there are reasons.

Let’s try to understand why Jesus had to die.

1. SIN

The fallen nature of man causes him to sin. But what exactly is sin? Sin is the violation of that, that is right. God’s nature is so pure and holy that He can’t be in the presence of sin. Since mankind chose to sin, we couldn’t have the relationship that God wanted us to have with Him. Sin causes separation between God and man. The only way for us to have a meaningful relationship with God was sanctification through the blood of Jesus.


The God of the Bible is good and just. If God forgave everyone’s sin without any repercussions then that would not make God just. The very definition of justice is compensation for one's actions. The Bible makes it clear that the wages of sin is death. God being just has to punish those who have sinned against Him. Since God is loving and good at the same time, He takes the punishment on Himself, in place of us. He suffers and dies so that we don’t. By doing so, the block that was created between man and God due to sin diminishes.


Imagine you have been put in jail for breaking the law. The jail sentence you have received is the right amount of time for the crime you committed. You can never get rid of your sentence and will eventually go to jail; unless someone bails you out. We can apply the same reasoning to understand why Jesus had to die. To start out, remember that by sinning we have broken the law of God. Due to the breaking of the law, our relationship with God has also been broken and needed restoration. Since we broke the law, we had to face the punishment for our crime, that punishment is death. God loves us so much that He didn’t want us to suffer so, He freed us from death by sending Himself down to suffer in our place. By repenting from our sins and trusting in Jesus we have been saved by His grace; we are sanctified.


Unlike other faiths, the God of the Bible does not sit in His throne and watch people suffer. Jesus who is God in the flesh, comes down to earth, but not as a king or a rich man; He was born in a manger. Jesus comes down to earth and leads life of suffering. He immerses Himself into the human experience and faces loneliness, isolation, maltreatment, humiliation and the worst possible physical pain one can experience that is crucifiction. What’s worse, is the amount of emotional and spiritual pain from being separated from the other two persons of the Trinity ie. The Father and The Holy Spirit due to Him carrying the sin of all mankind. Jesus died on the cross because He knew that human life is filled with suffering. So God comes down and becomes a part of our suffering. During the tough times in our life we look for people who can relate to us. When you suffer and are lonely, sad or depressed, remember that Jesus knows what that’s like because He’s been there too.

The Cross symbolizes the overlap between the evil in the world, and the justice, power and love that God has for us. There are many more reasons why Jesus had to die, but we should always remember that He did it because He loves us.

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