Which Book of The Bible Should You Read?

Favorite clothing style

A. Bright & colorful

B. None

C. Athletic clothes

Describe yourself

A. Creative

B. Unhappy

C. Encouraging

Favorite color

A. Green

B. None

C. Blue

Favorite food

A. Fruit

B. Don’t eat often

C. Fish

Ideal vacation destination

A. Hawaii

B. Stay at home

C. Paris

Most A’s - You got Genesis

You love to be original and have great admiration for beautiful things. You have the ability to find meaning in art and people.

Most B’s - You got Job

You prefer peace and quiet, as well as time alone. Many aspects of your life haven’t gone as you expected and because of this you’ve had a hard time connecting with others.

Most C’s - You got 1 & 2 Corinthians

You love your friends and can’t imagine your life without them. You're basically the glue that keeps everyone together.

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