Which Bible miracle are you?

The Bible tells us a lot about the personality of God. Through His miracles, we can know about Him, and accept the plans that He has for our life. This quiz is a fun way to know how your personality matches up to the great works of God.

Pick the option that resonates with your personality.

1) Do you like being outdoors?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

2) Are you a foodie?

A. Not really I prefer exercise and not eating.

B. Not really, but I like wine.

C.Yes I love food!

3) What physical activities do you like doing ?

A. Swimming

B. Dancing

C. Eating is the only physical activity I like

4) Do you like sharing?

A. Depends on what I have.

B. Only if I have enough for myself.

C. Yes, sharing is always good.

5) What kind of person are you?

A. Introvert

B. Extrovert

C. Ambivert

6) How much do you know about the Bible?

A. Expert

B. Beginner

C. Learned

7) What advice do you give to people when they are in a problem?

A. Ask them to take a nap

B. Advise them to wait for sometime before making a decision.

C. Tell them to ask other people for their opinion.


Result for Most A’s: Jesus walks on water

You’re an active person who’s always ready for adventures. Though you are smart, you can be a little shy around people you don’t know. You know when it’s time to stop stressing and relax.

Result for Most B’s: Wedding at Cana

You love to have a good time. You find joy in talking to different people and exploring different cultures. You’re bold and aren’t afraid to speak your mind or tell the truth.

Result for Most C’s: Jesus feeds the multitude

You’re a bubbly and caring person. You like to live life to the fullest. One of the best personality traits you have, is the virtue of sharing the joy of life with others.

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