Which Bible Character Are You?

Choose a biblical animal

  A. Lamb

  B. Dove

  C. Hare

What’s your greatest strength

  A. Wisdom

  B. Obedience

  C. Bravery

Out of these books your favorite book is:

A. Luke

B. Genesis

C. Psalms

Pick a Biblical Language

A. Koine Greek

B. Hebrew

C. Aramaic

The world would be better with more

A. Love

B. Patience

C. Peace


If you select most A’s - You are Delilah

You're clever & crafty. You fight passionately for what you want and encourage others with your ability to get it.

If you select most B’s - You are Moses

You're a naturally gifted leader. You're brave and courageous in the face of adversity. People are constantly seeking for your wisdom and advice.

If you select most C’s - You are Ruth

You are the perfect embodiment of loyalty. Whether it's to your family, friends or something you believe in, you are selfless and devoted to everyone you meet.

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