Trivia Quiz: Animals In The Bible

The Bible is full of some interesting and memorable stories, which include many renowned tales of animals too. Test your general Bible knowledge. Take this easy quiz to learn some mystifying facts that will make you feel as wise as King Solomon.


1) Which woolly animal is the most mentioned in the Bible?

2) Which animal was despised in the Bible, but is now a much-loved pet?

3) Pregnant Mary rode to Bethlehem on a donkey - True or False

4) While preaching in the wilderness, John the Baptist ate wild honey & what?

5) Ahab made a house using which animal parts?

6) As revenge on the Philistines, Samson used which bushy tailed animal to set fire to their crops?

7) As a result of a severe famine in Samaria, which 'peaceful' bird's dung was sold for five pieces of silver?

8) Proverbs 30:24 tells us 'Four things on earth are small, but extremely wise'. Ants, hyraxes, locusts and lizards. Which of the following is not mentioned?

9) Exodus tells us that the covering for the tabernacle was made of rams' skins dyed red with a covering of what nocturnal animal's skin?

10) When Jesus was in Capernaum, those 'that required tribute' came looking for money from Peter. Where did Jesus tell Peter he would find the money?


1) Sheep (Sheep are mentioned over 500 times in the Bible. They first appear in Genesis 4:2 and then in Revelation 9:19)

2) Dog (Deut. 23:18, Isa 56:10, Phil 3:2 & Rev 22:15)

3) False (None of the Gospels mentions the mode of transport Joseph and Mary used)

4) Locusts (Matthew 3:4)

5) Ivory (1 Kings 22:39 & Amos 3:16)

6) Fox (Judges 15:4-5)

7) Dove (2 Kings 6:25)

8) Owls

9) Badger (Exodus 36:19)

10) In the mouth of fish, he would catch (Matthew 17:27)

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