The Ultimate Jesus Quiz

When we are in love with someone, we strive to learn more about the person. As Christians who love Jesus Christ, we must know more about the person we love. If you’ve been reading the Bible you can test yourself by taking the fun quiz.

Do you know enough about Jesus? Take this test to find out


1) Where was Jesus Christ born

2) What was eaten on the last supper by Jesus and the disciples?

3) What does Jesus’s name mean?

4) What language did Jesus speak?

5) What was the first miracle of Jesus?

6) How old was Jesus Christ when he was baptised?

7) Who baptised Jesus?

8) How many people did Jesus raise from the dead while He was on earth?

9) Who asked Pilate not to kill Jesus?

10) How many days did Jesus spend in the wilderness while He was tempted?

11) Which Gospel does not include the baptism of Jesus?

12) What tree did Jesus curse?

13) How did Jesus heal the blind man?

14) What animal did Jesus ride on to enter the city of Jerusalem?

15) For how many days was Lazarus dead before Jesus came?


1) Bethlehem

2) Bread and wine

3) The Lord saves

4) Aramaic

5) Wedding at Cana: Turning water into wine

6) 31

7) John the Baptist

8) 3

9) His wife

10) Forty days

11) Gospel according to John

12) Fig tree

13) He mixed clay and spittle

14) Donkey

15) Four days

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