The Ten Commandments Quiz

The Ten Commandments serve as the guiding principles of moral behavior for God’s children. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of them.

1) To whom did God deliver the tablets of stone?

A. Peter

B. Moses

C. Noah

2) Where were the Commandments received?

A. Mount Carmel

B. Mount Sinai

C. Mount of Olives

3) On that day, what form did God take?

A. A cloud of smoke and fire

B. A burning bush

C. A golden calf

4) “Remember the ______________ to keep it holy."

A. Passover

B. Sabbath day

C. Day of Atonement

5) "Honour thy _____________."

A. Body

B. Father and thy mother

C. Women and children

6) "Thou shalt not __________."

A. Drink

B. Kill

C. Remarry

7) "Thou shalt not commit __________."

A. Forgery

B. Adultery

C. Perjury

8) "Thou shalt not bear ________________."

A. Thy neighbor's burdens

B. False witness

C. Grudges against one another


If you selected mostly B’s -

Congrats! You’re well-versed with God's law!

If you selected mostly A’s & C’s -

It may be time to read Exodus 20:2-17 again. You’ve got some brushing up to do.

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