The Beatitudes Quiz

The Beatitudes teach us of the virtues and values in life that bring us blessings and rewards. Each beatitude focuses on a different circumstance of life and challenges us to find happiness in God over the temporary pleasures of earth.

1) When did Jesus give us the Beatitudes?

A. As he hung on the cross

B. After His resurrection

C. In the sermon on the mount

2) Where in the Bible are the Beatitudes found?

A. Matthew 12

B. Mark 12

C. Matthew 5

3) Blessed are the poor in spirit, for ...

A. They will be filled

B. They will be called sons of God

C. Theirs is the kingdom of heaven

4) Blessed are the _______, for they will see God.

A. Merciful

B. Meek

C. Pure in heart

5) Who will be filled?

A. The peacemakers

B. The poor in spirit

C. Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness

6) Blessed are they that mourn, for …

A. They shall be saved

B. They shall forget

C. They shall be comforted

7) Blessed are the meek, for...

A. They shall obtain the bread of life

B. They shall obtain riches

C. they will inherit the earth

8) Blessed are the peacemakers, for ...

A. They shall conquer all

B. Theirs is the kingdom of heaven

C. They shall be called the children of God


If you selected mostly C’s -

Congrats! You’re well conversant with the beatitudes and fully understand how all Christians are blessed through their faith.

If you selected mostly A’s & B’s -

You’re getting there. Once you familiarize yourself with the beatitudes you’ll know that God’s blessings are found in places you wouldn’t normally look.

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