How to be Christlike

The goal of every believer is to be more like Christ. It is good to know that our Heavenly Father also wants us to be more like His Son. Becoming like Jesus is not easy, in fact it will be one of the greatest challenges you will ever face in your life. The path to becoming more Christ like is filled with troubles and requires a strong will and of course, God’s help.

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Here is how you can be more like Jesus by surrendering yourself to God, freeing from sin and growing spiritually.

1) Surrender to God

While worshiping, we must concentrate fully on the Word of God. By doing so, our minds are transformed and renewed by the blood of Jesus. As a Christian, one must be ready to freely surrender all that we have to follow God. We must put our entire focus on Jesus and His will so that we can have a closer relationship with God.

2) Free from sin

Jesus lived a life free from sin. By living a life of holiness and purity we too can become more Christlike. When we offer ourselves to the will of the Father, sin no longer becomes our master. Jesus calls us to start a relationship with Him by being a role model to us. In times of trouble and temptation we can call out to God to give us His divine help. The Bible also tells us that we won’t ever be tempted more than what we can bear. From the Bible, we learn that God always makes a way out for us in times of temptation so that we can go back to Him.

3) Spiritual Growth

When we become more like Christ we grow as a Christian. As we grow in our faith, our bond with Jesus becomes stronger, and stronger; our relationship with God slowly develops. By praying to God wholeheartedly, we grow in our spirit.

God can work in our lives everyday only if we ask Him and call out to Him. Strive hard to become Christlike and surrender your worries and problems to the Father.

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