How reading the Bible can save your soul

Think of a world where love, relationships, happiness, joy, or family does not exist. A place filled with torment, narcissism, pride and pitiless indifference. That sure does sound like hell and it is indeed hell. Judgment day is coming soon. Living a life without God is bound to lead you to eternal damnation. You can still live a life of purpose by reading Bible verses, following His word and trusting in His son Jesus can save your soul.

In Genesis 1 and Genesis 5 we learn more about the creation of human life and the family history of Adam. When God created man He made them from mud and then He breathed life into him. That breath given to you by God is your soul. Your soul is the reason for your achievement, and it is the pride of the soul that causes all your sins. Your soul is of great importance to God. He wants not one of our souls to perish (2 Peter 3:9) but wants us to live in communion with Him. In order for us to be saved, we need to learn and keep the commandments of God while trusting in His son Jesus Christ. We can learn all of these things by reading Bible verses

The Bible says that the only way to the Father is through Jesus (John 14:16). Jesus lived a perfect life here on earth. By reading Isiah 1 we learn how man moves away from God and sins against His commandments. In the New Testament, we learn that the purpose of Jesus’s life here on earth was to save those whose souls were lost. He came to take away our sins and only through Bible study and trusting in him can we be saved from the consequences of our sins. When we read Bible quotes or an online Bible we learn to follow the commandments of God and can then experience the joy of the risen Christ.

The KGV Bible PDF tells us that the wages for sin is death (Romans 6:23). In the Old Testament, we learn that the life of an organism is in the blood of the animal. That is why a blood sacrifice was needed to purge the sins of men. In the New Testament of the NIV Bible we learn that Jesus was the lamb that was sacrificed, He was the innocent blood spilled for the evil deeds of man. When we read Bible verses we realize that without believing and trusting in Jesus, we will die in our sins and our soul will perish (John 8:24). Only through Daily devotionals and online Bible reading will we be able to learn more about Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection that gives us the choice of eternal life.

Careful Bible study gives us wisdom and understanding so that our souls can be saved. Bible verses tell us that by seeking the kingdom of God ie. repenting from sin, trusting in Him and following His teachings will we be able to have our soul saved. The world and its people are filled with the quest for power, money, lust & more but the King James Verses tells us that the greed of man for power, money or any other worldly attractions won’t benefit a person in the long run if He loses his soul (Matthew 16:26) which is something of uttermost importance.

The suffering we face here on earth is temporary but the joy of life in heaven with God is eternal. Save your soul by reading Bible verses & follow Jesus’s commandments to experience a change in your life

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