Does God Want Us To Have Pets?

Pets are extremely common in modern society; from cats to dogs, fish, lizards, snails, birds, turtles & more! The Bible never really address the issue of pets directly, though the only reference to a pet can be found in the book of Samuel. Here, we see one of the only few pet owners in the Bible. The poor man, in Nathan’s parable, owned nothing but a small little lamb. He loved his lamb a lot. He shared everything he had with his lamb and treated it like a daughter. The lamb would eat his food, drink from his cup and even cuddle with the poor man while he slept. From this story in the Bible, we can understand God’s perspective when it comes to pets.

The Bible tells us that God loves and cares for all of His creation; this includes all forms of life including animals. When we read the Bible, we can see that there are plenty of verses that tell us about God's provisions of food for the birds and beasts.

As followers of God, it is important for us to care for animals, because God cares for them too. The main reason why we desire pets and love to love them, is because it is in God’s nature to care for them. Since we are made in the image and likeness of God we have inherited the virtue of caring for animals from Him.

After God created the heavens and the earth, He gave human beings the power and authority to rule over them and take care of them. In Genesis, we see how God makes Adam name all of the animals in God’s creation. During the time of the flood, we see how God saves the animals so that they do not drown and perish.

When a pet owner cares for his/her pet, they are reflecting the very same nature of God to an extent. By creating a safe and healthy environment or habitat, your pet knows they can trust you to provide for them. It is indeed a huge responsibility to own a pet. Some parents often teach their kids responsibility by making them take care of a pet. Many of us share an unconditional bond with a pet we might own, or experience a tremendous sadness when we lose our pets.

Owning a pet can teach us a lot of life lessons. We learn unconditional love, faithfulness, responsibility & so much more. As pet owners it is your responsibility to provide, care and show love to your pets. Though it is more important to love people more than pets, since they are made in the image of God.

We hope you have learned something new about the relationship between the Word of God and owning pets. After all, let us never forget what Jesus says in John 10:11- "I am the good shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

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