5 Ways To Enjoy A Deeper Understanding Of God’s Word

The Bible is one of the most precious objects you will ever hold. Besides being the world's best-selling and most widely distributed book, it is God’s own message, revealed to us in many ways in the pages of the Bible. There is absolutely no substitute for it. No other Christian book can compare to this one.

And because the Bible is no ordinary book, simply reading it is not enough.

The authors of the Bible wrote down their stories, visions, and letters so that the generations to come would know about God’s words and works in history. Here are five ways to make your Bible reading journey a more spiritually engaging and meaningful exercise:

1. Question

Bible study is time-consuming but greatly rewarding. Don’t be afraid to pose God legitimate questions - he can handle them. Pursue your queries relentlessly and you’ll find answers eventually.

2. Meditate

Meditation freezes the frame and allows you to enjoy the brilliance of a moment. When you read the Bible, take time to pause and ponder and let God’s word steep into your soul. Feel its significance in your heart and let it move you.

3. Pray

Two-way communication is essential for a deeper relationship with God. God wants to hear from you - respond to him in prayer. You can either quote the precise words of the Biblical text or take in his words and make them your own. Let the Bible inspire and guide your prayers.

4. Obey

When you open the Bible, you come into direct contact with THE WORD of God. The Bible is the field manual for life - it shows us the truth, corrects our mistakes, and trains us to live God’s way. We ought to learn from Jesus’ example, and not turn a deaf hear to his commands. We should look to the Bible to guide and build our life upon its wisdom.

5. Share

It is not enough to just know The Word - as Christians, we are also called to spread the good news to all nations. Invite a neighbor, co-worker, or friend to sit down with you and read a brief passage together, and use it as a catalyst for interaction.

Alternatively, you can also include inspirational verses where appropriate in email or texts, social media posts, or simply refer to one in a conversation. Once you start looking, you’ll find you have dozens of opportunities every day to truly make God’s words a part of your life. Remember, the more you share - the more you will remember, the better you will understand, and live by it.

The next time you sit down with a Bible, we hope this article will enable you to truly enjoy reading God’s Word.

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