4 things to remember when defending your faith

Engaging with non-believers requires maturity, understanding and ample amount of patience.

As Christians we are called to defend our faith at some point in our life.

Here are four things to remember when interacting with non-believers and those seeking truth:

1. Some people just love arguments

Keep in mind that not everyone who raises an objection to Christianity seriously cares for your response. When dealing with non-believers whose aim is to put Christians down, address their queries or counter their objections briefly. If they continue to belittle you or your faith, realize that it's time to drop the conversation. If you let the conversation stride longer, it may shake your faith and cause you to doubt what you believe.

However, if a non-believer genuinely wants to learn about Christianity, then it’s important to go in depth and give them as much information as they can handle. This is the person you want to really spend your time having this conversation, because this person is more open to acknowledging what you have to say seriously.

2. Avoid using jargons

Words like “gospel”, “sin” or “grace” may not be easily understood or used out of context by non-believers. Our Christian friends understand these terms better. When explaining Christianity to others, try your best to keep it simple and use the language everyone understands.

3. Don’t be immature

If the person you’re talking to is immature, don’t adapt to that behavior. Take your time to listen to the questions or objections carefully and ponder upon them before you answer. That way you’ll give the wisest answers possible. If you’re immature in your behavior or responses, people won’t take you and your core belief seriously.

4. Remember the two most important commandments

In Matthew 22:36-40, “Jesus said the two most important things are loving God and loving people”. By showing God’s love in the way we answer questions & objections of our faith, God can work convincingly through our response in bringing people into a relationship with him.

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